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One of a kind and limited edition pieces. Made in Italy

Freelance Sales Agent in London

€1k – €50k
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We are looking for visionary people with a passion for entrepreneurship who would like to join us as regional partners and represent us in different countries worldwide. Our regional partner has to represent us in a region of his/her choice and that should be the region where he/she is mostly active. As a regional partner, your mission is to bring buyers; this can be done through your networks. By joining our regional partners, you will earn commissions (from 10% to 20% of the money raised) on the actions you do. The role of a regional partner comes with no-obligation, you contribute as much as you can.
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One of a kind and limited edition pieces. Made in Italy

Daniele Toesca Studio focuses on Furniture. Their company has offices in Italy. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.danieletoesca.com

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