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SaaS for energy trading and data integration

SaaS for energy trading and data integration

Founded in 2017, Dalwyn is a software company looking to disrupt the natural gas trading market. With a particular focus in Europe, we want to use technology to bring greater value, efficiency and intelligence to our clients. Our platform offering an be broken down to two main areas: • DalwynTrader, our automated trading platform that provides clients a controlled, secure and scalable way of executing their quantitative and systematic strategies. • DalwynIntegrater, our integration platform that delivers clients accurate, clean and synchronised data between their suite of systems.

Full-stack Software Engineer

Kinar Kent

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Aran Kapila

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Co-Founder @Dalwyn - an Energy automation platform • Product @HighCohesion • Strong consulting background @Deloitte Consulting & @Cognizant