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We are a team which believes in innovation at another level.We listen to each other at every aspect.We are full of energy and passion with love what we are doing. We are not only innovating cars but also changing thinking of people about cars.
We welcome who have have same energy and dedication level.
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Designer (Exterior and interior)

Posted 3 months ago

We are a startup and we want passionate players with mind full of creativity. We want their instinct in their work.


AI Developer

Posted 10 months ago

To work on new segments of AI & ML in car industry. To develop new safety features and driving assistance using AI &ML for better & safe driving.


Automotive Electronics Engineer

Posted 1 month ago

Apply anybody who is good in CAN parts of automotive domain.
We are working on all electric hypersports car.

Other Engineering

Automotive Electric Engineer

Posted 1 month ago

We are working on all electric hypersports car. So, the main work responsibilities also revolves around electrical things like motors,batteries and electrical components etc.