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Detect diseases on time, on the spot, only with saliva

Detect diseases on time, on the spot, only with saliva

Nowadays, multiple diseases that show little to no early symptoms, such as diabetes, remain undetected, and even though the monitoring and treatment market is thriving, the detection market is poorly served.
We develop tools that use salivary samples to easily detect diseases on time, and we are starting with diabetes type 2 (DMII).
People using the device just have to place a saliva sample on a provided sample container and wait a couple of minutes.
The strip contains designed molecules that bind with specific nucleic acid sequences in saliva that increase if the the user has diabetes. The test strip will get coloured if the person a high amount of such indicator.
This test is designed to provide a rapid screening of diabetes that relies on a non invasive methods so it can be used in a wider range of situations with less requirements.
Founder and COO of Daeki, a saliva test for diabetes.

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