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3D Artist Renderer / Modeler / Animator

$50k – $100k • No equity
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We're looking for a 1-month contract hire of an exceptional freelance 3D artist.

The task involves faithfully recreating in 3D a collection of abstract geometric shapes: form, color, lighting, texture such that these can be included, generated and interacted with inside an iOS app. The aesthetics and static images for these will be provided to you by our UI and UX team.

1 - Inclusion/Animation:
These abstract 3D scenes are going to be included firstly as background animations, so you'll need need to be able to generate passive animations of your work, to be played/looped in Swift.

2 - Generation:
Secondly, users of the app will be generating slight iterations of these 3D shapes as part of a profile-building feature. By answering a set of questions translated into variables, the user will be assigned a 3D shape that is an iteration of the 3D forms you've built. The 'building' should happen live, in response to the inputs they provide. Crude example: as the user specifies their 'height' with a slider, the 3D shape might grow proportionally. It might change color in response to, say, their current stated mood.

3 - Interaction:
In some instances, these 3D shapes will be modestly interactive and feel slightly alive: they might move very slightly when left untouched on the screen in a looping fashion (as is breathing/resting/existing), and also respond to prodding/touching by the user in a realistic and delightful way.

Examples of the kind of shapes required available upon request.

Thank you!

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Pierre Legrain

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Co-Founder, D2C Labs; Founder, Flycrates; Design BA, Stanford MBA

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