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Making Web Security Super Simple with Astra Security Suite

Making Web Security Super Simple with Astra Security Suite

Astra Security (Czar Securities) is a cybersecurity company offering a SaaS web security suite, Astra and security testing services. Accelerated under Techstars, a world renown start-up program at Berlin, and has offices in Paris, Berlin, and New Delhi. Some of our clients include Hotstar, Cosmopolitan, Invicta, Townscript, Oman Airways, NIIT Limited, HealthifyMe, Kotak Securities, Religare, Cardekho etc. Our team has also helped companies like Yahoo!, Microsoft, Adobe, AT&T, United Airlines to secure their web infrastructure. We’ve been awarded by Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi, Govt. of China & Govt. of France for our security solution Astra. After having a solid industry backing, investor support & proven business model we are now looking to build our A-Team in India. Czar Securities (Astra) in media 1. yourstory.com/2018/01/duos-startup-awarded-pm-narendra-modi-french-government 2. vod.ndtvhop.com/hopdmx/mp4/0e29dbb2_4175_1610_hop_hopstart_merge_51192.mp4

Technology Support Engineer & Product Specialist

SDE II - Full-stack Engineer (Symfony, PHP, PostgreSQL, React.js)

Product Manager I

HR Generalist & Peoples Officer at a growing startup

Content Intern

Founder @Astra Security. Won Entrepreneurship & Innovation Competition at China & French Tech Ticket. Awarded by PM India Mr.Narendra Modi for Astra.