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Robots with Visual Object Intelligence

Robots with Visual Object Intelligence

On the HW front, the CynLr platform involves custom camera design, optics, projectors, micro motion systems along with cross-functional embedded design that interfaces GPU & CPU, built into one embedded, industrial, real-time product, tightly integrated on to a robotic arm with force sensing gripper for tactile feedback.

On the SW front, the platform includes the integration of HW using their drivers, our proprietary image processing APIs along with customized reinforcement learning and DNN that would assist the hardware in acquiring the best possible image of the object in the given environment (void of reflections, focus issues, noise, occlusion, etc – maximum information) by analyzing the image while readjusting both the object and the camera actively, identifying and manipulating the object to perform the necessary automation by giving commands to the associated robotic arm.

Gokul N A

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Founder & CTO @CynLr ; Past - Machine Vision, Embedded & RF specialist @National Instruments
Co-founder & CEO @CynLr • Worked at @National Instruments
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