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Music discovery powered by your friends

Music discovery powered by your friends

Every so often, a song comes along that becomes more than just a song. The transformation usually doesn’t happen right away — maybe on the third or fourth listen — but when it occurs, you kind of just ​know​ it. We hear everything within earshot, but most of it is just noise that bounces right off us. It’s only the anthems that stick with us. It’s only the songs that resonate that make us buzz, like a cymbal that’s been struck just right.

Cymbal ​is the app that allows you to share the song that has you buzzing, and to see the songs that do the same for the people who matter to you. ​Cymbal lets great music to do what great music does: Bring us together.

Follow friends to build a fully-playable, constantly-updating playlist of the best music you've never heard of. Have conversations about songs you love. Craft a perfect playlist of all your favorite songs over time.

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Amadou Crookes

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Co-Founder and Lead Backend Developer at Cymbal.fm - Previously @Google & @Apperian
Co-Founder and Lead Developer at Cymbal.fm Tufts CS. Previously at @GroupMe