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Company background:
CycleSCP’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of bicycles as a mode of transportation - starting by doing for bikes what integrated door locks do for cars, but with a twist. We are developing a mobile-integrated and anti-theft parking structure that allows people who value their bikes to secure them without needing personal locks and keys. With reported bike theft incidents (only a small fraction is reported) at over 1.3 million annually in 2006, expecting bicyclists to learn what kinds of locks to buy, how to lock their bike securely, bring their heavy locks and keys with them every time they ride, and secure their bike properly every time they park certainly is not working. This reinforces the image that biking is inconvenient and risky, deterring many people from riding more.

Our approach is to help campuses and high-density buildings cut theft and abandonment to increase ridership and convenience by developing an internet-enabled parking structure that allows 90%+ of adults to secure their bikes with guided locking mechanisms and not personal locks or keys. So far, we have tested 3 concepts, iterated on various prototypes to the recently-created semi-functional life-sized iteration that secures both wheels and the frame and received valuable feedback and advice from 30+ potential stakeholders.

Jianhan’s background:
I am a graduate of Babson College (B.S. in business; concentration in technology, entrepreneurship, and design) with an engineering design certificate from Olin College of Engineering. I have been riding bicycles since I was ~6 years old and switched from riding purely for recreation to riding mostly for transportation in college.

While I was in college, I once missed an interesting evening conference that I was looking forward to attending in Boston after being ending up at the commuter rail station missing the key for my bike lock. I had to choose between attending the conference or keeping my bike after riding carefully through snowy and icy streets. After moving to the Bay Area, I noticed missing bike parts and cut locks without going out of my way to look for them, which worried me about where I park my bike and how I should lock it up more securely. After learning the recommended way with 2 heavy U-locks, I found the process time-consuming and sometimes frustrating, especially with parking structures of different shapes and dimensions.

I wanted to change this and live in a future where I can bike, walk, and take transit to almost everywhere I need to go. I discovered an overall positive trend in biking for transportation: the number of people who ride bicycles for transportation in the US has more than doubled to 27.1 million in 2014 since 2000 and there has been a lot of progress in improving roads to support bicyclists with continuous additions of bike lanes, protected bike lanes, and bike trails in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, many issues in the parking space do not seem to be addressed quickly enough, so I started working on CycleSCP.

While working on CycleSCP, I have been through the Startup Leadership Program, Cleantech Open, and YCombinator’s Startup School. I have also been teaching bike classes as a League Cycling Instructor part-time for Bike East Bay and San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

Challenge: To create a parking structure system that is compact, reliable, visually-appealing, scalable, easy-to-use, and secure so that our users don’t worry about leaving their bike much in an area we serve and our customers see increased ridership without having to deal with many issues and feel more comfortable investing more in good bike parking.

Role Description:
As a cofounder and the Chief of Engineering (or other title depending on your skills and experience), you will be leading the development of our product in tangible forms - from sketching and designing in CAD to getting prototype parts made to iterating toward manufacturability in volume. You will also heavily influence the overall design of the parking system as a whole which has the potential to set the bar as the new standard for bike parking, one that doesn’t require someone to learn which lock(s) to buy, how to lock up their bike, and ensure that they do it properly every time. As a cofounder, you will also contribute to the overall company vision, strategy, recruitment, and fundraising.

Skills: User experience design, mechanical design & engineering (including water-tight assemblies to protect electronics), electronic design & engineering (Power consumption optimization, creating PCBs from breadboards), Design for Manufacture, Planning, and Prioritization

CAD (Fusion 360, AutoDesk, Solidworks), microcontrollers and microprocessors (e.g. Raspberry Pi and Arduino), small motors, actuators, solenoids,
Bonus: Cloud services (AWS / Google Cloud), 3D-simulation software, locking mechanisms, automated doors

C, C++, Embedded C, Javascript | Bonus: Python

- You ride at least one bike for transportation at least 2x per month (the more frequent the better)
- You live in the San Francisco Bay area and can travel within the area easily
- You are able to make at least a 4-year commitment (full-time by preseed/seed round of funding)
- You are an effective communicator and organizer
- You respect every stakeholder involved
- You are willing to take calculated risks and make some mistakes to learn valuable lessons and information. Along the same vein, you can take criticism, even when it isn't given in a friendly way, and learn from ones that give you valuable feedback
- Demonstrated experience in making a mechatronic system (using many of the skills listed above)
- Initiative to get stuff done

Good to have:
- Previous startup experience
- Ability to personally invest in CycleSCP

How to apply:
Send me a message through the application here or to my email - jianhan@cyclescp.com - with the following:
1. Your story
2. Why would you like to join CycleSCP?
3. What are the top 3 values have you upheld the most over the past 2 years?
4. What is your personal definition of success for you and your next startup venture?
5. What is your current skillset? What would you like to be your skillset in the future?
6. What relevant things have you worked on before?
- Please include photos/videos if you have any

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Secure bicycle parking made easy

CycleSCP focuses on Infrastructure, Bicycles, Internet of Things, and Parking. Their company has offices in Hayward. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://cyclescp.com

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