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Venture Capital

Our main aim is to be a specialist in the internet-mobile business fields and find/develop start-up companies that are expected to prosper further.
We play a role as a partner of a start-up company to which we invest money. We not only provide money but also support its development and management providing management know-hows necessary for the company to succeed. To examining how to develop a cooperative business is also important for the support.

Takashi Fernando Kitao

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Vice President of CyberAgent Capital / Ex-CEO in Envroy Menika / President of CVS Non-Profit Organization
Managing Partner @CyberAgent Ventures U.S. • Worked at @(Docomo) Capital• Investor @Evernote @URX @Vidora @Seed Labs

Yuya Takegawa

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Venture Capitalist , Senior Vice President at CyberAgent Capital, Inc. Ex-entrepreneur, Love Baseball

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