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We Help People Build Better & Healthier Bodies

We Help People Build Better & Healthier Bodies

Musculoskeletal injuries (e.g., ankle sprains) account for 14 -16% of all healthcare spend across western countries. To prevent, diagnose, and rehabilitate such injuries, health professionals often require measures of human movement.

However, measuring human movement has traditionally required complex hardware (costly), or subjective visual assessments (biased).

Curv Labs builds & licenses algorithms that transform cameras into versatile diagnostic tools for measuring the body, with a "laser" focus on musculoskeletal health. These tools allow people to (1) assess the human body, (2) predict health outcomes (e.g., injuries), and (3) recommend pathways towards better health, with nothing more than a mobile device.

Curv Labs is on a mission to make healthcare more effective & accessible.

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