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A simpler, safer way to manage your money on the go, with all your cards in one



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Luke Hextall

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Michelle McDaid

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Chi Wai Kan

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Diego Rivas

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Alan Tran

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Anupama Putrevu

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Paulo Caldeira

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Alison Moore

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Marie Hognestad Bue

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Community Builder at Curve. Previous: Startup Evangelist at Zalando. Head of Marketing at TechFounders. Founding team of Startup Extreme.

Helena Scotland

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Tobias Friedrich

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Garry Wilson

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Bharat Jay

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Ana Cecilia Barraza

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Worked at Curve

Antonio Giuliana

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Bill Earner

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American in London, interested in startups and tech, founder and partner at @Connect Ventures.

Stefan Klestil

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Nicholas Smalle

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Former team

Mateusz Jendrzyn

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Erich Schudt

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