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Robo-advisor for credit

Robo-advisor for credit

Having a bad credit score prevents you from getting a house, car, and even a job. The lack of financial literacy leads many millennial’s to poor spending habits and leaves them stuck with a bad credit score. This can resort to sub-prime loans and credit repair, which can be expensive and ineffective. However, with the urgency of needing housing and transportation, consumers are forced to choose between sky-high interest rates that will leave them in debt for years to come or not getting approved at all.

Curu makes software that automates credit building and empowers millennials to confidently build credit. Algorithms analyze the user's finances and automate actions such as payments, disputes, credit freezes & prequalifications to establish & improve their credit scores.

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Abhishek Kapoor

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COO & Co-founder of Curu
CEO & Co-Founder at Curu | Gates Scholar