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We enable income-conscious consumers to earn passive income through their daily habits

We enable income-conscious consumers to earn passive income through their daily habits

Current Mobile Inc is a US-based company that builds mobile technology products for income-conscious consumers. Our products let people around the world earn passive income while using their mobile phones for daily habits like music, games, news, shopping, browsing, charging, and even unlocking their device. Our passionate team of innovation leaders relentlessly convert user attention and data into rewards. Our flagship products, Current Rewards, and Mode Smartphone are hugely popular with millions of users around the world. It is our goal to provide a free Mode phone to every income-conscious consumer on the planet, enabling them to earn up to $100 each month while passively using their device. Our common purpose is to bring financial joy to the lives of our user base. In 2018, Current became the first company to raise over $36M through an SEC-registered security token offering, to implement our royalty-paying token $CRNC across company product lines. We are rapidly growing. In the last 12 months, we have grown 25% month over month. As we embark on the next phase of our incredible expansion, we are looking for exceptional talent to help fuel the growth.

Senior Android Engineer

Senior Backend Engineer

QA Engineer

Dan Novaes

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CEO - @Current Mobile . Former CEO @MobileX Labs Contributor @Forbes , @INC , @Entrepreneur Magazine, IU, Brazilian/American
Co-founder/ CPO @current-app • VP of Product @MobileX Labs • VP of Product @Mantra@agrowculture • First hire @Mouth • B.Sc & M.Sc @Cornell University

Kiran Panesar

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Co-founder, CTO at Current. Formerly co-founder/CTO, @MobileX Labs, @Pairade.

Remote flexible

Bi-weekly virtual yoga + meditation classes

12 pm to 1 pm cst break

Remote team building activities every 6-8 weeks


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