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The CURRENT platform is creating fintech ventures, dedicated to technological innovation


No matter what your role is, the entrepreneur has always been in you. Your time has come!

We are looking for hungry professionals with a desire to leave their comfort zone. Are you ready to be at the center of building the next fintech innovation? Can you relate to these values?

Work with exceptional co-founders & teams!

Think big. You know building any company is hard enough. But yours will have to be the best.

Execute. You believe in a solid plan as a necessity. Then, you execute rigorously - making your own hands dirty.

Work hard. You have made this venture your number one priority. Ready to make sacrifices, you won’t fail because you have not worked hard enough.

Stay focused. You are very aware that there are 1000 reasons that will distract you. But you prioritize rigorously to stay on track.

Remain balanced. You know that one of two things will materialize fast: success or failure. You are here to learn every day. You will stay humble and share your successes.
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Data engineer

- You have 1-3 years of work experience as a data engineer? - You prove to be proficient in using common query languages such as SQL, Hive, Pig etc.? - You have experience in working with big data platforms such as Hadoop, Spark, Flink etc. and NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase...