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The better way to stay healthy

The better way to stay healthy

CureFit is an innovative combination of engagement, coaching and delivery through a combination of online and offline channels. Working as an integrated platform, the app contains three verticals – cult.fit, eat.fit, and mind.fit.

Cult.fit is a chain of fitness centers, focused on training fitness enthusiasts without using traditional gymnasium equipment. CULT currently has 17 fully functional centres across Bengaluru; it trains over 7,500 people and generates a monthly revenue of $150,000.

Eat.fit is an internet-only restaurant serving everyday healthy food. The food is prepared keeping in mind calories, and the nutritional content and health benefits of each dish are provided too. Eat.fit is considered the most important vertical, delivers food on a subscription based model.

Mind.fit focusses on helping users relieve stress and anxiety with meditation techniques. Users can listen to audio clips for guided meditation techniques in the comfort of their homes.

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