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Biomedical R&D is at an all-time high, but clinical trials are still expensive, slow, and traditional. The reason is the limited pool of research hospitals which R&D sponsors (like pharmaceutical companies) can use to run their trials. The overhead and training required to do research constrains the supply of these research hospitals, and leads to massive inefficiency.

Curebase takes a new approach. We empower every physician to be a researcher with streamlined software. This lets us run any trial in parallel, and enables sponsors to bring new treatments to patients faster than ever.

Today, we use our growing physician network to power studies in many exciting areas of medicine, such as smoking cessation, STD testing, and nutrition. We have also participated in Y Combinator S18 and raised $2.5MM in seed funding.

What you'll do: As an early hire and engineer, you'll play a critical role in planning and building the future of our company. You will:
- Develop new features for our patient, doctor, and research users
- Collaborate directly with our health system and biomedical partners
- Ensure excellent security, user privacy, and regulatory compliance
- Make key decisions about architecture and technology selection

Our technical stack is built on Javascript, React.js, Flowtype, Express.js, GraphQL/Apollo, and AWS/Terraform. We currently have 4 people on our engineering team (3 Software Engineers and the CTO).

Ideal qualifications include:
- Self-motivated and takes initiative
- Mission driven to improve lives in meaningful ways
- Track record of pursuing engineering excellence at every opportunity

Nice-to-haves include: Interest in healthcare, experience building quality web applications, and experience in one of our current skill gaps (infrastructure, data reporting/business intelligence, database management)

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Matthew Rials

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I build quality experiences with streamlined software. I am currently the CTO of Curebase (we're hiring!)

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