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Culture Trip is a startup that inspires people to explore culture & creativity.

Director of Product Management (China) / 产品管理总监(中国)

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Culture Trip is a global hyper-growth startup operating in travel, media and entertainment. We create stories that reveal what is unique and special about a place, its people and its culture. In-house creative teams work with a global network of more than 300 freelance creators to produce articles, videos, photography, illustration and animation.  

From just a dozen people in late 2016, the team has expanded to more than 250. This diverse group of software engineers, product designers, data scientists, editorial experts and content creators are spread across offices in London, New York City and Tel Aviv. Alumni of companies including Google, Facebook, Expedia, Lonely Planet, Spotify, Bloomberg, Viacom, TripAdvisor and the BBC have joined recently. A recent Series B funding injection from PPF Group of $80 million has further propelled rapid growth. Monthly unique visitors to the site have gone from 4 million to nearly 20 million, cross-platform social followers have increased from 1 million to 7 million, and app downloads have leapt from 50,000 to 2 million. Culture Trip videos have been viewed more than 2 billion times. Culture Trip, founded by Dr Kris Naudts, has been named by Forbes as one of the fastest-growing companies to watch.

Everyone working at Culture Trip is driven by a shared vision: to inspire people to go beyond their cultural boundaries and connect with the world around them. We want to bring the world to everyone and in doing so bring everyone closer together.


- 把握可趣游(CultureTrip)在中国可行的市场推广渠道和契机
- 与业内利益关系人展开合作,制定和规划产品商业路线图
- 与本地和国际管理人员共同对商业发展机会和关键指标进行评估
- 与特拉维夫和伦敦的产品工程团队一起促进新术使用和优化
- 与 UX 设计团队一起制定并测试脚本
- 和数据科学团队合作,分析并深入了解用户习惯;按照用户和公司需求,优化产品
- 和其它产品经理共同展示分析和研究出的数据、结论和路线图
- 对中国的旅游市场发展趋势进行研究,撰写针对中国市场的发展策略、分析竞争对手发展模式


- 10年及以上服务类产品管理经验(与媒体、旅游和个性化相关产品最佳)
- 有开发、规划产品,并分析产品市场媒合度的相关经验
- 有开发 B2C 产品,以及制定和呈现产品路线图的相关经验
- 有很强的分析能力,和运用产品分析软件的经验
- 有和内容、社交媒体、商业、设计和技术开发团队共事的经验
- 在跨功能团队内,作为项目主管进行敏捷软件开发的经验
- 有 A/B 测试的相关知识,了解如何规划产品测试并归纳测试结果
- 优秀的人际关系和组织能力
- 能在快节奏的新兴企业环境下积极工作,有很强的自趋力

Main Responsibilities:

- Understanding our active marketing channels and opportunities we are exploring
- Work with cross functional stakeholders, to define and prioritize product roadmap
- Collaborate with local and global management to evaluate business opportunities and identify initiatives that drive key metrics
- Collaborating with the engineering team in Tel Aviv and London to determine the best technical implementation methods
- Work closely with our UX team to define scripts and perform frequent user testing
- Analysing user behaviour in conjunction with our data science team to understand our offering and make improvements for the user and business needs
- Understanding and deeply caring about customer needs
- Working with other Product Managers presenting your findings, results and roadmap
- Research relevant market trends for China, and create market specific strategic plans that include competitive analysis

Desired Skills & Experiences:

- 10+ years of product management experience preferably with consumer facing products involving media, travel and personalisation
- Proven ability in building new products and taking these to market establishing product market fit
- Excellent analytical skills, paired with experience in using analytics software
- Understands the use of A/B testing, how to structure experiments and structure results
- Experience in defining and presenting product roadmaps
- Experience in developing B2C products
- Significant interpersonal and organizational management skills
- The ability to flourish in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial setting and drive new initiatives
- Experience with Agile, the Product Owner role and working within cross-functional teams
- Experience working in multi-disciplinary teams across content, social media, commercial, design and high tech

可趣游(Culture Trip)深信每个人都有平等的工作机会。我们相信一个由来自不同背景、种族、经验、环境、能力的人形成的多元团队,会让工作环境更有包容力,也会为读者带来更好的阅读体验!

Culture Trip is committed to equality of opportunity for all. We strongly believe that diversity of backgrounds, ethnicities, experience, circumstances, abilities and perspectives leads to a better workplace for our employees and a better product for our users.