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Quantify and Improve Employee Experience

CTO - Technical Cofounder

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The mission of Culture Analytics is to create a workplace environment where every employee feels valued, empowered, and safe.

Culture Analytics accomplishes this by using technology to help companies navigate employee experience and invest in culture. The long term product goal is to leverage AI to create a contextual decision framework that allows companies to understand how various events affect employee sentiment, culture, and productivity.

Right now, a proof of concept is deployed at several companies and is ready to be built into a scalable solution.

As a co-founder and the CTO, you will drive and carry out end-to-end creation of the MVP and help make key decisions to drive the vision of the company.

Technical Requirements:
Looking for full-stack engineer competent in Node.js, React.js, Java, and PL/pgSQL with the ability to learn rapidly to develop an applied understanding of languages for AI/ML.

I'm as interested in your ability to grow as I am in your current competency...if you don't feel qualified, reach out anyway. I've found that many of the best and most creative problem solvers are those that are willing to learn faster than everyone else.

Company Values:
GRACE: Receive it, embody it, extend it to others. Grace is an act of “undeserved goodwill.” We treat others with respect, we give them the benefit of the doubt, and we seek to serve them in uplifting ways.

SIMPLICITY: We look toward the future and reflect on the past to allow ourselves to serve in the present. As individuals and as a whole we have the ability to impact others in every moment we listen and word we say. We are focused on building good products that serve our clients well.

INTENTIONALITY: We respect that time is finite. The easier we can make it for others to succeed, the better off we are as a company. This means we seek to make our services easy to understand and apply. If something is confusing, we make ourselves available and seek a common language to helps others understand.

EQUALITY: To empower diversity of thought is to welcome diversity of people. To welcome diversity of people is to understand that all humans are created equal, have equal voice, and are equally capable. We learn to seek and empower our uniqueness to reach a wider audience.

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CEO of Culture Analytics. Ex-military; lead small teams in fast paced environments to accomplish objectives.

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Quantify and Improve Employee Experience

Culture Analytics focuses on Enterprise Software, Human Resources, and Employee Management. Their company has offices in San Francisco Bay Area. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.cultureanalytics.io