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Open world medeival MMORPG

Open world medeival MMORPG

Cubicverse: a world full of fun and opportunities! Now, where did you hear that before? You've probably heard it many a time before! Cubicverse, though, is a full world awaiting you, where you are able to wander around, battle monsters, discover new places, help your fellow players or solve mysteries. Whatever you like best! And what will this cost you? Time, only your time and perhaps a little luck, adventurer, will do you well. But your courage to join our community... that’s all you really need.

Infinitely sided world
Full player to player chat and interaction
Craft your own equipment
Fully realised ore/mining system
Full isometric/3D world
Unique, strange and unusual setting
Player owned areas and buildings
Not quite like anything else you've ever played...

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