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Cybernetic Financial Services with Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Cybernetic Financial Services with Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

CryptX Financial is a Cybernetic Financial Services platform that is built on Blockchain & fueled by Cryptocurrency. CryptX Financial's cryptocurrency based asset management technology makes transactions upto 10 times cheaper when compared to traditional BFSI institutions. When other organizations in this space charge between 2.5 to 5% of every transactional value, Users can use the CryptX Financial Token (Symbol : CRYPTX) to make these transactions with ZERO transaction cost. Some of the features are : 1. Fiat & Digital asset exchange 2. Smart Mobile to Mobile Payment System 3. Investment Opportunities using ICO's & community generated hedge funds 4. Options for Corporate & Businesses 5. Artificial Intelligence powered trading assistant to manage your assets 6. Governance system to handle taxation, regulation & policy 7. ANVIL (Asynchronous Natively Verified Intertrade Ledger), a decentralized permissioned custom Blockchain database

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