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Security for Bitcoin Wallets and Applications

Security for Bitcoin Wallets and Applications

CryptoCorp is a security startup focused on improving the entire Bitcoin ecosystem. CryptoCorp offers a security service that can participate in multi-signature transactions originating in any Bitcoin wallet. Through partnerships with the most popular wallets and exchanges, CryptoCorp plans to protect a large fraction of the Bitcoin transaction volume. By being heavily involved the Open Source community around Bitcoin wallets and libraries, CryptoCorp is leading the discussion around reducing fraud, theft and counterparty risk in the new economy. Imagine if your bank account or brokerage portfolio had custom controls like velocity limits and two-factor confirmations that your counterparty/bank/broker could not circumvent. These controls are enforced by CryptoCorp and the Bitcoin network. In the future, multi-party multi-signature contracts will form the basis of finance.

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Miron Cuperman

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Founder at @Base Zero • Distinguished Engineer @Digital Asset • Founder at @CryptoCorp • Co-founder at @TradeHill • Sold @FillZ • Previously @Google