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Cryptocurrency Proprietary Trading Firm

Quantitative Developer wanted for cryptocurrency prop firm (remote position)

$70k – $150k • 5.0% – 15.0%
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CryptoAi is a proprietary trading firm focused on the trading of cryptocurrencies. The firm has existed since 2016 and in that time has made significant progress in its quantitative trading department. CryptoAi outperformed the market during 2017 ten fold and incurred 40% of the drawdown compared to 85% seen in the baseline (total market capitalization) during the 2018 retraction.

The firm's current goals are to continue:
- Backtesting it’s trading strategies
- Building it’s algorithmic trading infrastructure
- Developing innovative alphas
- Developing it’s portfolio management framework
- Expanding it’s core team and global network

Current Stack
- Exchange/Market REST API - Flask/MongoDB/Heroku
- Quantitative Strategy Development - Python [Zipline/Numpy/Pandas/Scipy]
- Asset Management Applications- Flask/Django/JavaScript
- Project management - Slack/Github/Trello
- Computing - AWS

Candidate Responsibilities
- Design and Backtesting Low to Medium Frequency Alpha
- Coordinate with traders and researchers, to understand the alpha, and develop into productionable alpha
- Deployment and Maintenance of existing infrastructure
- Feasibility studies, technical analysis and further research on existing alpha, or alpha generated by team

Candidate Profile
- Masters or PhD from a leading university in a highly quantitative field
- Highly proficient with coding in Python
- Experience within the Mid Frequency space
- Working knowledge of forecasting and data mining techniques, such as linear and non-linear regression analysis, neural networks or support vector machines.
- Proficiency in back-testing, signal generation, simulation, and statistical techniques
- Previous experience as quant developer/researcher

A prospectus we made a year ago can be found here


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Cryptocurrency Proprietary Trading Firm

CryptoAi focuses on Machine Learning, Trading, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in New York City and London. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.cryptoai.io

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