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Crowdfunding startups for equity



Founded and exited 2 high-tech startups. Now CEO of @Crowdcube.


Jane Millar

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Skilled office manager in tech start ups for the past 8 years, handling everything from office moves, recruitment, events, budgets and all the stuff in between.

Pepe Borrell

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Head of International Fundraises and General Manager in Spain @Crowdcube

Meg Karidis

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Navigating the Asian venture capital waters as an British arts graduate. Scouting gutsy tech startups with an appetite for China.

Matthew Roberts

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matt cooper

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Megan Reynolds

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Josh Bruce

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Lead iOS Developer @Crowdcube  WWDC 2014 & 2015 Scholarship Recipient - @swiftcasts - Previously @JustPark

Mahoney Turnbull

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@whattheblock @blockchainforscience ex @Token Foundry @ConsenSys | @covertgarments | @Etherisc | @Crowdcube | Director @StartupBus | @Kairos

Conor Parsons

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Head of Finance at a VC backed (series C) company. Previously an equity analyst at Goldman Sachs. Qualified chartered accountant.

Charlie Hammond

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Equity Fundraising Manger Crowdcube. Cofounder of Coffee Nomad, Melbourne Australia. University of Melbourne, BComm Economics Finance.

Patrick Ryan

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Equity Fundraising Manager @Crowdcube • Founder @ishkavodka • Worked @Pernod Ricard @Enterprise Ireland@Trinity College Dublin alum.

Dayle Rees

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Laravel evangelist and technical author.

Sara Palmer

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Andrew Gormley

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Lead User Interface Designer for award winning Fin-Tech startup Crowdcube. Experienced in creating professional high traffic customer facing products.

Adam Gillett

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Former team

Paul Massey

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Paul Massey

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James Chalk

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Emilien Hoet

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Tej Panesar

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