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Waze for Buildings

Currently, there is a disconnect between building occupants and facilities managers. Employees in large buildings don’t have a consistent, easy method to report issues. Facility managers lack a simple way to collect feedback and manage requests. CrowdComfort offers a mobile solution that empowers building occupants to report geo-located building data in real time. CrowdComfort converts this crowd sourced data into time stamped, geo-located heat maps with actionable reports through a custom portal. This allows Facility Managers to respond with more speed, and cost effectiveness, to occupant concerns.

Through our crowdsourced technology, CrowdComfort converts occupants into a Human Sensor Network (HSN) that can be leveraged to improve comfort, save money, and optimize workflow. This additional layer of data is valuable to building managers who are ultimately responsible for ensuring the satisfaction, and comfort, of building occupants.

Let's make buildings better, together.

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