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Couchsurfing in HR

Couchsurfing in HR

Crowd is a platform for professionals to interact on referral and growth opportunities at America's best firms. Here every job comes with a person ready to help and through fostering real conversations, we not only help generating quick job-hunting results but also deepens the interpersonal bond that helps users to promote each others' career success.

Passive job-hunting is now the past and job-seekers now have the long-gone freedom to speak for themselves.

Its key distinctions from existing job-searching channels are as following:

1) Professional and casual networking environment
2) Each job comes with a responsible contact, text messaging and audio conversation are enabled for direct interaction
3) Fast results: job-seekers immediately know their chance for a job before applications - a huge time and labor savor
4) Increased chance of being hired: job-seekers get referred directly once being identified as a fitting candidate, avoiding waiting in the standard candidate pipeline

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