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Perception For All

Perception For All

Every year the 3D sensor industry advances by leaps and bounds. However, the big challenge of interpreting and processing the 3D data produced from sensors hasn’t been fully solved. While some companies have the capability to spend millions of dollars to create functional software, this talent-intensive and expensive effort needs to be repeated for each newly introduced sensor (by kind and make) and for each new application.
Through the CRON perception platform senseEDGE, we are trying to plug the gap between intuitive perception and 3D sensing. The senseEDGE uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and edge computing to standardise perception. What this essentially means is that the end user can hope to achieve a standardised, intelligently perceived information regardless of the kind of sensor you use (lidar/radar) or the make (Velodyne/Quanergy/Sick etc).
Our versatility in itself is our key differentiator. To begin with, there aren't many players who are looking at providing perception for sensors, let alone a sensor agnostic platform. The few who are working on building a perception-led product/platform are doing so for specific industries. senseEDGE is not just sensor agnostic, but can provide perception across industries and applications. Whether it is robotic automation, autonomous driver assistance systems, smart cities or security & surveillance, we provide PERCEPTION FOR ALL.

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Saurav is CTO at CRON Systems and is a strong believer of the fact that when technology is amalgamated with art - a product is developed!
Tushar is the C.E.O of CRON Systems, developing the next generation of intrusion detection systems, and encrypted communication networks.

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14yr Israeli Air Force F-15 fighter pilot and a Cambridge MBA grad with VC, product management, team leadership, strategy, operations, and finance experience.
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