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A lot of fitness app companies are creating generic content for their customers. What they do is their algorithm is generating so-called personalized exercise and nutrition programs that are not personalized at all and customers realize that sooner or later. CROFIT Group Corporation is the parent company, a group of fitness brands serving people in a highly personalized way by connecting them with other human beings, not robots. Our first product, thecrofitgroup.com is an online fitness experience platform, a community of certified personal trainers and nutritionist around the UK delivering high-quality personalized exercise and nutritional programmes to our clients. Our three words that differentiate us are: human,personalised, different. We are matching our customers with their perfect fit,personal trainer and nutritionist that connects with them and deliver a perfect online fitness experience. Our early visionary customers are women with nutritional challenges like binging, gut issues, digestion etc. We are looking for an experienced co-founder in fitness industry that will help Damir execute our operational plan for 2020.
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Posted 9 months ago

We are looking for a co-founder, COO who will help Damir, CEO, with execution towards a product-market fit.