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The all in-one platform to communicate with customers

The all in-one platform to communicate with customers

Crisp is a freshly new alternative to existing bulky live chat platforms, which focuses on: - Chat experience (our name comes from that, support must be crispy for your visitors) - Email to chat and chat to email (in case either the visitor or operator gets offline, we forward messages to email - you can reply directly to the email we send, and the messages will be sent back to chat - this is completely transparent) - File sharing (via chat, and via email, as attachment) - Simple operator collaboration (everything is realtime in apps) - See what visitors type in real-time, so that you can plan your reply faster (makes the chat experience magic for visitors, since it's replies come so fast) - Operator Apps (Web app is here ; Desktop apps coming soon, Mobile apps coming soon)

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Valerian Saliou

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Full Stack Developer & UI Designer - XMPP Technologist - Co-founder CTO @crisp_im

Baptiste Jamin

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CEO of Crisp IM, all in one solution to communicate with customers. Studied at @Ecole 42 . Ex-Orange.