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Communication platform for construction worksites

Communication platform for construction worksites

Cribber manages important and critical communication between construction worksites and their manual workforce. This leads to higher productivity, improved safety and a better mental well-being. Ultimately Cribber will be a fully autonomous virtual worksite assistant, providing the right info to each worker so they can do their job safely and productively. Currently, worksites rely on the outdated method of paper notices in lunchrooms around site coupled with daily pre-start meetings. The notices are often not current, irrelevant (to that work crew) and it's time consuming to share these updates around site. There is high latency in sharing safety incidents between sites at a huge risk to businesses. With approximately 300 million people working in construction, mining, oil and gas and manufacturing in NZ, AU, US, UK, CA, and Asian Fabrication yards alone this represents a market of ~ $20B. We plan to be the worksite communication tool of choice, with a global from day one approach.

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Jasmin Ward

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Worked at Cribber, Navitas Ventures, PwC. Consulted BHP and Chevron on risk and compliance. Copenhagen Business School '15
Founder of Cribber. Worked at Bechtel, Fluor, Chevron. Construction, mining, oil and gas background. Tech lover. MEM University of Canterbury '07.