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Creativity on demand.

Creativity on demand.

Crew started as an email newsletter and rapidly evolved into a system that automatically finds, screens, and connects your creative work with independent professionals who know how to deliver.

What's wrong with many of the online workplaces today is they tend to pit professionals against one another, ultimately landing on price as the main factor. This teaches the wrong behavior - that driving the price of work down is good, so long as you can find someone that get's the job done, nothing more. This doesn't lead to innovation, but rather, mediocrity.

At Crew, we're building a different system. One that values the quality of the work done not just the dollar price.

We handle everything from idea to launch and beyond: smart budget recommendations, real-time vetting, step-by-step project management, and on-time payment and delivery.

Crew helps the right work find the hands of the right professionals, every time. And makes sure the creative process is smooth all the way through.
Co-founder & Product @Unsplash • '13 Engineering @McGill University • Co-founder of Crew Cafe and Collective
Founder @Crew / @unsplash-1-1. Currently building Community @unsplash-1-1

Mikael Cho

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Founder at @Unsplash | Former Psychology & Neuroscience Researcher @University of Wisconsin
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