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Financial services for Latin American SME's



Adrian De Anda

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Senior Software Engineer | Software Architecture Consultant | Go, Python, Ruby, Javascript

adrian forisus

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Worked at Credijusto

Silvana Jarsun

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Worked at Credijusto

Scott Fanuzzi

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At Credijusto implementing digital products to scaling internal processes. Williams class of 2017. Kiva alum.

Jose Angel Sanchez

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Organic being living my proccess of oxidation and decay, currently a Data Engineer at Bayer, keep on learning
Founder in Telco industry | Former BCG consultant | Data and hunch driven | Business intelligence expert | Tableau, MySQL, Alteryx, Knime | Fast learner

Samantha Marquez

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Mario Jacob Garcia

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Avant-garde mixer of art, science and technology. Full stack developer, passionate video game programmer; occasional writer.

Board members and advisors

Michael Sidgmore

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Founder @broadhaven-ventures, Venture Partner, @Goodwater Capital , Founder @Sixth Man Capital • Worked at @icapital-network-1, @Mosaic, @Goldman Sachs

Former team

César Guadarrama Cantú

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Nicol Acosta

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Mateo Semerene

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