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Product Manager

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Crayon is looking for an exceptionally talented product manager to guide the vision, roadmap, and development of our marketing intelligence platform. Day-to-day you will utilize your creativity, analytical skills, and entrepreneurial flair while collaborating with brilliant colleagues across functions to design, build, and deliver features that are both useful and delightful to our customers.

What We're Looking For:

Creative Problem Solving Instincts - You solve problems quickly and intelligently, establish new frameworks, and recognize generalizable patterns and synergies across problems and solutions.
Entrepreneurial Flair - You are creative, versatile, and driven. You are willing to take risks in pursuit of a grand vision. You see things not just for what they are, but what they could be.
Restless Constitution - You want to be part of something big from the beginning. Once you get an idea in your head, you can’t sit still.
Grit. You have a passion for long-term objectives and you possess the tenacity, enthusiasm, and determination required to get there. You see projects through to completion, while ensuring that each step is well-executed.
Strong Analytical Skills - You have a mind for numbers, and you engage those skills to make the best decisions.
Exceptional Communication Abilities - You communicate your ideas effectively across audiences and media.
Collaborative Nature - You recognize that the best ideas are often the result of a group effort. You seek input and feedback from across the organization and synthesize the strongest ideas into usable formats.
Sense for Customer and User Experience. You empathize with customers. You enjoy meeting with customers to understand their needs. You work tirelessly to create experiences that will meet needs and bring delight.
Background in Fundamentals of Product Management - You have experience working with the common product management frameworks and concepts: agile, scrum, lean, MVP, user story, backlog, etc. You embrace process when appropriate and to the appropriate degree, but will not allow process to become the end itself.
History of Accomplishment - You have a track record of growth and success in your past experiences. You have contributed meaningfully to teams that have delivered exceptional products.
Time Management Skills - You can manage the details without letting them overwhelm. You never lose sight of the big picture. You prioritize tasks and focus appropriately.
Honorable - You do the right thing, and you treat others with respect.

About the Job:

Manage and help define the vision and roadmap for the Crayon market intelligence platform.
Gain and maintain a deep understanding of market needs and user pain points.
Work with founders, engineers, and designers to conceive, build, and deliver brilliant solutions to our customers.
Document product requirements and work with UX designers to express feature specifications as mockups.
Work closely with engineering to manage all phases of development, including release and maintenance.
Communicate product plans across the organization to ensure understanding and alignment around projects.
Define and analyze metrics to evaluate product success and inform the next iteration of the product vision.

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Founder @Crayon • #6 at @HubSpot , VP Customer Success from $0 to IPO • Studied at @MIT Sloan School of Management, Physics @Cornell University

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