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Product Evangelist for Guns in Films

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Interested in the intersection between film, entertainment, technology and fake guns? Got an appetite to prove everyone wrong? Feeling the itch to prove that David can beat Goliath?!

Copenhagen Industries is currently looking for that special someone who can help us through our early stages of sales development. As a part of our strategic goals to illustrate the significant market potential of our product, we are in need for an individual to explore and validate the numerous markets around the world.

Are you Interested in learning about account management and CRM building? This position is an integral part of our go-to-market and fundraising strategies, and will greatly assist both our Operations and Marketing teams.

We'd love to have you come in and help you understand these processes which can be applied to most other ventures you might work in later on, be it sales, marketing, DevOps or communications.

- Organize existing lead list
- Translate lead list into a meaningful account management strategy, alongside Ops team
- Manage CRM (experience with Streak and Podio is a bonus!)
- General account management tasks with lead list
- Seek out potential new leads and contact
- Acquire LOIs/Letters of Intent to Purchase, from leads around the world

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