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The global COVID-19 screening platform

The global COVID-19 screening platform

We collect and analyse anonymous health information to get a real-time overview of the pandemic and prevent new outbreaks around the world.

Our aim is to statistically determine high-risk areas and identify anomalous patterns days or weeks in advance compared to conventional solutions (i.e. contact-tracing apps).

By subscribing to the platform, users can add information on their symptoms by taking a guided daily questionnaire, which can be completed in as less as 10 seconds (4 clicks).

We analyse the data gathered through the platform with mathematical algorithms, to create statistical models and uncover hidden information and patterns.

These can be used to promptly alert users and authorities about potential high-risk areas and anomalous situations. We do that by providing them with interactive maps, as well as daily personalised reports containing meaningful information about their areas of interest.

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