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Empower and motivate Consumers to join in the battle against hackers

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Our lives, which increasingly revolve around apps and websites, are under attack. Hackers gain 500 million consumers’ information from Yahoo! We find out that 117 million LinkedIn passwords have been compromised. Every day we hear of new security breaches which threaten the fabric of modern life – trust in the Internet.

We started Covered to revolutionize security for Consumers by empowering and motivating them to be active participants in the fight against hackers. Covered reduces the time and hassle of managing far-flung personal information, and protects Consumers from becoming victims of identity theft.

This is a tough technical and sociological challenge. How do you streamline managing security and personal information that is held in different formats, across hundreds of apps and websites, transparent to and friction-less for the Consumer? Consumers have always sacrificed security for convenience - how can understanding and managing Security be fun and rewarding for Consumers? We think we have the answer.

At Covered we have pulled together the team with the security, big data, financial industry, and consumer app experience necessary to solve this. The CEO has founded 2 other successful companies, generating over $300 million in revenue. The CTO created and architected a market-leading security product used by over 15 million users worldwide. Covered has the experienced leadership that knows how to build successful companies – and how to have fun doing so.

Come join our Startup Team, have immediate impact on how the product and company progress, and help save the Internet!
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Software Engineer

Cloud Platform Software Engineer

You will work side by side with other great engineers to bring ideas from concept to mockup, design, customer-test and deployment – collaborating the entire team, including the CEO, working directly with the CTO. You will have the freedom to work with a variety of tools, languages, and...