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Software Engineer

$90k – $120k
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About you

You’re probably the type of person your friends and family go to with their technical problems. When things get challenging, you don’t run away from the challenge, you run towards it. Your idea of a good time typically involves solving difficult puzzles and studying the most elegant solutions.

You likely got into programming computers out of curiosity because you wanted to know how to modify your favorite game or automate a repeated task. You didn’t get into programming just because it’s the hot thing to do right now.

Things about you that we DO NOT care about:
* Degrees
* Titles
* Past Employer Names
* School Names
* Grades

Things about you that we DO care about:
* Pride in what you produce, even if no one else sees it
* Great work ethic
* Passion for the best ideas, even if they aren’t yours
* Willingness to disagree and voice an alternative opinion if you believe it is correct, even if the person you disagree with is more experienced than you


cove is looking for a Software Engineer to join our product team. You’ll be joining a small team and have outsized influence over how our software is built and the tools we use.

Your role will consist of helping us build out our software platform, currently implemented in Javascript (both backend and frontend). You’ll help us build a robust, well-tested, and modern software platform.

Minimum Qualifications
* The ability to problem solve and overcome different challenges.
* A basic understanding of web application architecture, object-oriented design, and computer science principles.
* Knowledge in at least one programming language (Javascript is preferred, though not required)
* Ability to learn new things quickly
* Clear communicator

Nice to haves (but not required)
* Experience with React/React Native
* Knowledge of Parse
* Experience working as a software developer
* Experience with Agile Software development practices
* Ability to work from Cambridge MA or Washington DC offices

How to apply

If you’re interested in this position, please describe why you’re interested in the role, why you’d be a good fit, and what your career ambitions are. Also include links to the work you’re most proud of and will speak to the quality of your work. These can be links to code repositories or working apps, we do not have a preference. Resumes are not necessary, but if you feel it will help, you can send them to hiring@cove.is.

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role

Jeremy Scott

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CTO at cove, SM in CS at MIT

Alex Meyer

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Director of Product @cove. Founder @1320Technologies. Helped start @Privy. Founder @Ordext. Studied @Georgetown.

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