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Sergio Marrero

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Entrepreneur, Strategist, Venture Designer, TEDx Speaker, and Founder innovating for a better world.

Aubrie Pagano

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Entrepreneur + Investor | CEO of @Bow & Drape | Partner @XFactor Ventures LP | Strategy @Fidelity Investments | @Harvard 2008

Kapor Capital

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Kapor Capital invests in early stage tech startups with positive social impact.

Michael Siegel

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Strategy Analyst at Oracle for Startups

Greg Arrese

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Founder, Ride Ventures-early stage vc tech fund 18+ yr hedge fund mgr w TMT & Consumer focus IPO, M&A, Capital Markets & Syndicate expertise Bucknell, HBS, CFA

Monique Woodard

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VC | Former: @500 Startups

Julie McDermott

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Angel investor, Wall Street fixed-income trader 12 yrs with $200mm in profit. Columbia MBA. Portuguese and Spanish speaker.

Wei Guo

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very very active investor.

Farshad Yousefi

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Co-Founder @Visionful
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