Luke Leonard

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Luke Leonard

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Anurag Patsariya

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CSUF Computer Science, Web Developer, Worked With Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. as Systems Engineer, Client Morgan Stanley, EDW operations.

Daniel Shchyokin

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Worked at Coupa Software

Aditya Mandavilli

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I've been part of small startups, including a successful IPO, as well as large software companies - all dealing with enterprise financial software.
Graduation - BE (Computer Engineering) Currently working as a Consultant

Anna Signor

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Passionate about technology as force for good. Educated in Mathematics and CS with extensive experience in operations and process management.

Faiz Siddiqui

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DevOps Engineer @Coupa Software
20+ years of working experience in enterprise and startup environment, experience in leading the design and development of applications for mobile devices.

Ravinder Singh

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Experienced leader in Customer Success along with Cloud and Mobile Product Development, driving dynamic rollouts and managing strategic/technical relationships

Nikki Davis

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Adam Kelly

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Worked at Coupa Software, Unknown. Experience with Education, Support, Software. Went to Dublin City University

venkatesh yogeswaran

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Worked at Coupa Software, Company. Experience with Architect, Business Development, Composer. Went to University of Madras, Aptech Computer Education
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Board members and advisors

Charles Beeler

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General Partner at Rally Ventures, an early-stage, business technology focused venture firm. Produce Node Summit in spare time (among other things)...

Former team

Adhitya Vadivel

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A Chiang

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Rahul Shah

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Ricardo Aravena

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Brendan Mulholland

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Rod Montgomery

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