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Product Analytics and Innovation. Build better customer journeys

Product Analytics and Innovation. Build better customer journeys

Countly is a product analytics solution and innovation enabler that helps teams track product performance and customer journey and behavior across mobile, web, and desktop applications. Ensuring privacy by design, Countly allows you to innovate and enhance your products to provide personalized and customized customer experiences, and meet key business and revenue goals. Countly empowers companies of any size or location to grow their business by helping them securely process billions of data points every day in the cloud and on-premise. Having tracked 1.5B+ unique identities on more than 16,000 applications and using over 2,000 servers worldwide, Countly is world leading product analytics platform. Countly provides an extensive list of customizable plugins and dozens of integrations, letting teams freely combine them and work with the data they actually need. This not only boosts team productivity, but also eliminates the need for multiple digital tools, drastically reducing your licensing costs. These plugins also allow granular multi-device customer intelligence data collection and analysis, letting you incorporate customer feedback into the design process, improving customer experience, driving sales conversions, and reducing churn. And because data-flow security is critical, the Countly Dashboard enables you to not only access settings within your team, but also provides a privacy-protection compliant environment so you can focus on innovation with customer intelligence, without worrying about compliance. An analytics platform as it should be: secure data ownership to track, measure, and take action, all in one place. With Countly, understand your digital customer journey across devices. Build better ones.

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