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Building Green Tech Products for Corporates

Building Green Tech Products for Corporates

Countasign helps make your internal external transaction process much quicker & effecient. An Instant Document e-Signing Solutions provider (for all your agreements to be endorsed/signed). Review and attest the documents with a click in seconds. No hassles of printing, scanning, mailing/faxing of the documents. Sign the documents on the go from any web enabled device in your hand. The Encryption program incorporated makes the document more secure and safe.

Countasign is a product of Arbaan GT Private Limited. A company founded in the year 2017. Go Green, Save natural resources is our mission.

Countasign, helps corporates & individuals with relevant tools track business transactions, re-use documents, re-engage business units there by saving cost & time.

With simple user friendly interface, Easy customization options, ease of integration Corporates will no longer need to maintain documents physically.

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