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Bart Myers

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Founder and CEO @Countable & CountablePro - Powering Purpose for Brands & Causes. Founded @SideReel, Sold to Tivo Corp • Developer at @IBM • Angel Investor


Joshua Kagan

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Lorelei Yang

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Analytical marketing and strategy consultant by way of finance, digital media strategy, non-profits, and political campaigns.
Founded Wall St. Sandwiches, a Jewish Deli chain in Tokyo, manages a family office and PPGV, LLC, a private equity company. Likes, basketball and cycling.

Paul Stich

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Maya Berkman

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Emily Bell

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Hi! I'm a product person with a background in UX design and marketing. I'm passionate about products that give users agency over their own lives.

Josh Herman

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MFA in Screenwriting from American Film Institute; sold feature screenplays to Fox, Warner Bros; writer for TV shows on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel.

Michael Brodsky

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Michigan born, San Francisco based. Interested in civic tech and lowering barriers to political entry.
Product and UX Focused Tech Start-up Exec. Love people and empathy above all.

Eric Revell

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Tim Maurer

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Board members and advisors

Al Rey

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Advisor SaaS and Chief Revenue Officer
I help people start companies, find product-market fit, and build better software products and teams. I published a book about it called Startup Patterns.
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Former team

Brittney S. Wong

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Artie Patel

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Fanny Chow

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Neil Johnson

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Jason Weingardt

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Loren Risker

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