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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Visuals

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Cortex' core technology is AI for creative decisions. Our first product is live using that AI to improve content marketing.

Our software is 'not a tool, but a team member' and focuses on getting organizations comfortable working as a software+human team.

Cortex is in use by dozens of global brands and agencies.
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Front-End Engineer

Cortex is embarking on a radically big idea: making software that fills the role of a team member. With this philosophy in place, the UI/UX we're building will also be a huge departure from traditional tools.


Junior Engineer

Cortex has two huge missions: 1) Bring AI-like software to marketing and business. 2) Introduce a new business-tool UI consistent with the philosophy of "not a tool, but a team member".


Full Stack Developer

Cortex has built a machine learning platform that removes human bias from creativity. The company is growing rapidly and has just entered growth phase.


Business Development Representative

Our revenue is growing 20+% month over month and we recently hit breakeven.

We are looking for someone who wants to make an impact and take advantage of the opportunities for growth

Cortex' core technology is Artificial Intelligence for Marketing.


Partnership Sales Manager

Posted 7 months ago

Cortex has a fast-growing list of partners who resell and work with our software. You will contribute to the growth of the company by maintaining and growing relationships with existing partners.


Account Executive

Posted this week

About Cortex

Cortex is unlocking the full power of the world’s creators by discovering what inspires action. The overwhelming effort of the world’s creators is being wasted because creators don’t know where to focus their energy to move their audience in the way they’re intending.