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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Visuals

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Visuals

Cortex uses artificial intelligence to improve the ROI and output of marketing. The process of social media marketing can be broken into three buckets: planning, content creation, and execution. Cortex automates both planning and execution using our patent-pending algorithms, while providing deep insight on creative guidance. Cortex is an autonomics platform, which means that we take automation to the next level. Cortex is self-regulating and self-optimizing, learning as it goes and adapting to changes in the marketing landscape. Cortex isn't just a tool, it's another member of your social team.

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Enticed by big visions Co-Founder and CEO @Cortex ; previously, Co-Founder @Pandemic Labs
Co-Founder & CRO @Cortex; Co-Founder @Pandemic Labs