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Corl is changing the way businesses raise capital with revenue sharing.

Taking advantage of recent innovations in technology, Corl minimizes the inefficiencies of traditional finance to expedite the funding process through automation and artificial intelligence. We make it easy for companies to access fast, fairly-priced, and entrepreneur-friendly growth capital without giving up equity or control. With revenue sharing, Corl aligns its incentives with entrepreneurs so everyone wins.

Corl is aiming to create the world's first decentralized IPO using a securities token designed to provide growing businesses with capital while giving token holders access to appreciation, dividends and ownership interest.

In everything we do, we strive to build the best possible product. We’re looking for creative, passionate and innovative people to help us bring revenue-sharing to the blockchain.


Teamwork is something we emphasize a lot. If you enjoy working with talented folks, solving big problems and taking ownership of your work, come join us. You’ll have the tools and creative freedom to make a real difference in the financial technology space.

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