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Read news, on your lock screen

Read news, on your lock screen

People unlock their phones over 100 times a day. In 50% of cases they do it to consume content (read news, check pictures, videos, etc.) To do so you need to: 1. Turn ON your phone 2. Unlock it 3. Find the app 4. Wait for it to load. Only then you can start browsing the content you want and need now. We make this experience instant, just turn ON your phone and stories from your favorite news publishers, pics from Instagram friends, etc. will be shown instantly. All in a non intrusive and minimalisitc design. If you have a minute or two, just swipe left and expand your experience to a fully capable content feed. All on your lock screen with no need to unlock your phone. Corgi makes life simple, it keeps you updated seamlesly and it saves your time.

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Stanislav Dmitriev

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BD, Marketing, UX, UI. Ideas need to be tested, most of them don't have a market fit and only 1% will work out. Pivot & Fail fast.
CEO and co-founder of Corgi