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Customer community platform for support & feedback

Customer community platform for support & feedback

Copiny is a customer community platform that allow companies to have dialogue with their customer on the site. Using our platform companies reduce support cost up to 20% and get x15 times more customer feedback. For example Evernote uses our platform in Russia for customer service and according to them Russian Evernote community is one of the most effective in the the World because they have reduced support cost by 40%. It's possible because our platform has some features and mechanics that differ us from traditional forums, FAQs and others. Getting closer to the customer! Create an online community for support & feedback that customers will love. All-in-one platform for online services, SaaS and software companies. For free. In just 60 seconds.

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Andrey Petrenko

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Founded Copiny LLC. Working as CTO and Lead Developer
Founder & CEO @WhatsHelp. Launched 5 software startups in past seven years. Strong experience in SaaS, CRM and customer service.