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Healthy and delicious food by independent chefs

Healthy and delicious food by independent chefs

Artfully crafted food by local chefs delivered in 30 minutes. We empower culinary entrepreneurs to cook and sell their specialties online. Platform for unique artisanal food to compete with restaurant platforms such as Grubhub/Seamless/UberEats.

How do we do that?

We utilize the underutilized capacity in the food industry by subletting kitchens in their spare time and partnering with independent artisan chefs.

Chefs focus on what they do best and cook their specialties and we take care of the last mile logistics. By doing this we can deliver consistent exceptional quality like any other food business at scale. Other food makers (bakers, farmers) can sell also their specialties online and we charge a commission.

Customers can plan ahead and order in advance or order on-demand (30 minutes delivery).

Our big vision is to build the world's most powerful food machine: an army of independent chefs that can virtually meet every taste and every need.

Mateo Marietti

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Food+tech entrepreneur. Co-founder @Cook Unity. Before founder and CEO of the biggest food delivery in Argentina and other food companies. Forbes 35 under 35

Lucia Cisilotto

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Product Lead

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