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grocery shopping + cooking assistant

grocery shopping + cooking assistant

Cooklist is the first app that allows users to log into their grocery store loyalty accounts (think Mint.com for grocery) to automatically download their in-store or online purchases into a digital pantry that keeps track of how old everything is, sends notifications when food is soon to expire and matches each product to the ingredients from over 1 million recipes online to show users what recipes they can cook.

Cooklist helps build a grocery plan where users select recipes and products they want to eat and Cooklist automatically generates a shopping list that is matched to products available at their local grocery stores. Users compare prices and availability and place orders for pickup or delivery from their desired store (think Blue Apron but with unlimited freedom of recipe+product choice at 1/3 the cost ordering direct from the grocery store).

Cooklist participated in the 2018 Techstars Retail Accelerator program.

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