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We believe to hire a contract caterer for private event is completely broken and antiquated. The Catering Industry is a century old industry but the transaction between host and caterer has not kept pace with the natural evolution based on Darwin theory. We know how stressful it is to find a right caterer for your party as a host, for making up mind on a right kind of cuisine to right menu, to right price and finally right caterer. At Cookbuk, We are very passionate about bringing innovation & disruptions and change the way the transaction in catering industry happens. With our marketplace approach, technologies and analytics, we enable transaction between two unknown individuals with transparency, building trust and mitigate information asymmetry.
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Technical Co-founder

We are looking for Technical Co-founder, who feel very passionate about developing consumer focused Internet products. We are looking candidates with prior experience in consumer goods, technology, E-Commerce, or other consumer focused products with direct involvement in development and product m...


Social Media Marketing - Intern

Candidate will be responsible for increasing website traffic through latest available web marketing tools.
Good knowledge of Google Adwords, SEO/SEM, and Google Analytics.


Intern - Business Development

Acquiring Caterers
Meeting, connecting and presenting Cookbuk as a platform to Caterers & relevant business owners.
Coordinating with the in house teams for Caterer On boarding.


Intern - Business Development

Develop strategic initiatives to onboard new caterers
Develop alliances for reaching potential customers
Work on expansion plans to enter new categories